Nazarbayev University’s Research Centre for Enterpreneurship
Nazarbayev University’s Research
Centre for Enterpreneurship
About us
About us
The Nazarbayev University’s Research Centre for Entrepreneurship (NURCE) is a new research centre within the Graduate School of Business (GSB) at Nazarbayev University (NU). NURCE aspires to become a leading centre of research excellence in the field of entrepreneurship.
Goals and Values
Our journey to achieve following objectives will be guided by the these values:
Highest ethical standards in conducting and publishing our research
Encouraging intellectual curiosity
Promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration.
Productive capacity of members, students, and promote social value through the centre activities
NURCE will strive to develop strong external connections with regional, national and international enterprise research in universities, economic development, business and other networks. NURCE also plans periodic seminars, podcasts, workshops and symposia on topics of interest to scholars and practitioners of entrepreneurship.
Main Objectives
Global reputation
To develop a global reputation in research of high academic and intellectual value, with clear applicability to practitioners and policymakers
To facilitate interdisciplinary research collaborations among faculty members at NU and other CIS and international universities in the field of entrepreneurship.
Social value
To demonstrate impact by producing and sharing knowledge that advances transformative social value through entrepreneurship.
To become an Open Knowledge Network, open to members, partners and co-researchers who share our values, and who work together, in and beyond the university, locally, nationally and internationally.