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Successful Completion of the 'Open Mic' Event
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15 January 2024
Masterclass 'Quick Start in Social Networks' Concludes Triumphantly at Nazarbayev University
23-25 November 2024
The Nazarbayev Research Centre for Entrepreneurship hosted a Master Training for Women Entrepreneurs in Almaty from November 23-25.

The 'Open Mic' event, originally scheduled for October 21st, has successfully concluded, leaving participants inspired and connected. From 18:00 to 20:00, individuals from various backgrounds gathered to share their important messages, ideas, and stories with an engaged audience.

The event unfolded seamlessly: Participants registered and arrived with open hearts and minds, ready to share their perspectives. Each speaker prepared and delivered a short speech, expressing thoughts and ideas on a diverse range of topics. This platform provided an invaluable opportunity for attendees to shine and showcase their viewpoints. The role of the speaker was embraced by many, as words of inspiration, education, and entertainment filled the room. The voices and stories shared at the event resonated with the audience, fostering a sense of community and understanding.

This 'Open Mic' event was not just a gathering but a precursor to the atmosphere expected at the upcoming TEDx conference. It provided a space for meaningful discussions and the sharing of ideas that matter. The event proved to be a testament to the belief that everyone has something valuable to say.

Participants left with a sense of accomplishment and connection, having taken the chance to stand before the microphone and share their stories. The 'Open Mic' night was a memorable and inspiring evening, eagerly anticipated for future iterations.