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Interview with Dinara Satzhan for 'Trailblazers of the Steppe' Project
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15 January 2024
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23-25 November 2024
The Nazarbayev Research Centre for Entrepreneurship hosted a Master Training for Women Entrepreneurs in Almaty from November 23-25.

In a recent enlightening interview for the project "Trailblazers of the Steppe: Inspiring Narratives of Kazakh Women Entrepreneurs," Dinara Satzhan, a multifaceted professional and dynamic force in Kazakhstan, shared her inspiring story. Satzhan, known for her diverse roles as a journalist, TV presenter, blogger, entrepreneur, personal brand expert, and fashion producer, has made significant contributions to the Kazakh business landscape as the proprietor of a chain of Kazakhstani multi-brand stores and the creator of the esteemed Dinara Satzhan brand.

The interview, conducted by Nurlykhan Aljanova, a research fellow of NURCE, was part of a transformative book project aiming to amplify the stories of 50 remarkable Kazakh women entrepreneurs. This project celebrates their triumphs across various industries, sharing their journeys of inspiration and achievement.

Satzhan's insights into feminist solidarity and the prevalent circle of sisterhood within Kazakhstan's business community emphasized the profound interconnectedness, cooperation, and shared wisdom that have been pivotal in nurturing personal growth. Her story is a vital addition to the collective tapestry of success woven by these influential Kazakh women entrepreneurs.